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DinarPAY Customer Usage Catalog

The DinarPAY payment solution allows the customer to scan their QR code using the application’s first page which has three options for payment processing:

  • Scanning the merchant’s QR code– in this case the merchant’s QR code is static and unchangeable, which allows the customer to easily enter the amount of money they should pay. furthermore, a verification code will be sent to the customer’s registered phone number to ensure the payment process is secure.
  • Scanning the merchant’s QR code– In this case the merchant’s QR code is considered dynamic ai. Changeable. as each item is priced differently the QR changes according to the price of the purchased item by the customer. This payment module doesn’t allow the customer to punch in the amount to be paid, on the other hand the security level is still maintained through the verification code that will also be received on the customer’s registered number.
  • While some people might prefer using older versions of phones, or may not have an access to a camera, DinarPAY has got you covered. Today you can easily transfer money directly to your merchant’s account using the application installed on your phone with only 3 steps- choose to create a new transaction, punch in the amount to be transferred from your linked bank account to the merchant’s, finally put in the verification code received on your phone number.
  • For those who choose to make payments using cards, DinarPAY is prepared to offer you your own physical Dinar Card with your customized QR code installed on it as well. Using your card you can receive SMS to your registered number which will confirm your payments.
Updated on August 12, 2020

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