1. Getting started DinarPAY Merchants Wallet Account

1. What is DinarPAY Merchants Wallet Account? 

It is a flexible means for managing cashless transactions from customers. 

2. How do I set up my account? 

Go to any DinarPAY office as the legal owner of a business and our agent will assist you. 

3. How do I access my account? 

Once you have set up your account you can login to your account on a laptop or tablet or through the merchant application at any time using your password and username.

4. How do I use DinarPAY wallet accounts for my business transactions? 

You use your unique QR code to charge for goods or the customer can scan their unique QR code to make payments. 

5. How will my customers know my business has adopted the DinarPAY Wallet Account? 

The list of merchants will be available on website and application for customers to view. 

6.How can a merchant join DinarPAY?

As a first step, all merchants must visit our “join us” page on our website mentioned below and fill out the application form for merchants to join DinarPAY. Our team will be in contact with you after going through the necessary review process.  

7. How do I contact customer support? 

Please see our FAQs on your App or on our web site Or if you still have an enquiry – On your App select menu- View Merchant Contact Information or Contact Us. For telephone enquiries you need to get an online authorization code which is found through the DinarPAY application in security under settings. 

2. What are the different DinarPAY Merchant Wallet account options and pricing? 

1. Is the DinarPAY Merchants Wallet Account free? 

Merchants are charged a yearly registration fee for use of the DinarPAY wallet account. There are also maintenance and support fees and sales agent license fees. 

2. What is your commission policy? 

Fees calculated are dependent on the duration of the contract. 

3. What currencies can I use for transactions and sales? 

Virtual card offers multi-currency transactions: (Libyan Dinar, Tunisian Dinar, US Dollar, Euro, Turkish Lira, Chinese Yen) 

4. How many wallet accounts can I create? 

A merchant is allowed to create 6 accounts in referral to the 6 available currencies. 

5. How does the banking process work?  

A merchant is paid bi-weekly, either by cheque or a wire transfer. 

6. Can I use multiple banks to process payments? 

A merchant is allowed to register one bank account per time only, if the merchant wishes to change that account they can do so from the application. 

3. Using DinarPAY Merchants Wallet Account. 

1. What devices can I use to access my account? 

You can use a laptop, tablet, or a Mobile application. 

2. What personal identification is required? 

You will need to provide proof you are the legal owner of the business; original business license; your ID; bank account details and phone contact details. 

3. What is my unique reference number? 

When you complete the registration process a unique reference number is generated and is used when you log into your account to set up a promotion.  

4. How do I generate my authorization code? 

Your 6-digit authorization code is automatically generated from the application in security section under settings. During a call inquiry, following the verification process with the Cs agent, you will need to give the code to verify your account. 

5. How do I create a new promotion on my account? 

Log into your account using your credentials.  

On the left-hand menu select “Promotions” then select “New Promotion” and enter your unique reference number.  

Choose your promotion code.  

It is very important you select the CORRECT START AND END dates.  

PRESS “NEXT” – select the type of promotion and the “Discount Amount”.  

Press “SUBMIT”- Accept Terms and Conditions. 

Press “SUBMIT”.  

You will receive a message, ‘Your Promotion was Successfully Created’. 

6. How does the QR code work? 

Your unique QR code can be used to be scanned by the customer using the POS (Point of Sale) machine. 

4.Trust and Privacy DinarPAY Merchant Wallet Account 

1. What is the process and what information do I need to provide to create a DinarPAY Merchant Wallet Account? 

You need to go to a DinarPAY office to complete the registration process with an agent. 

You must provide a copy of your business license, ID, Bank Details, Business Address and contact details. 

The agent will then assist you in creating your Merchant Profile. 

Your unique QR code will be generated. 

Select the duration for your contract. Select “AGREE” payment terms. 

Read the terms and conditions and select “AGREE”. 

You will be given your unique reference number. 

2. How can I prevent consumer fraud? 

DO NOT disclose your Unique Reference Number to anyone. 

3. Can I deactivate my account? 

Under your contractual obligations you need to give three months’ notice of your intention to deactivate your account.  

4. If I deactivate my account will all my personal data be deleted from the DinarPAY server? 

For legal reasons DinarPAY financial services is obligated to keep customer  details on the server for a set period of time after an account is deactivated. 

5. Will all the transactions and financial data be deleted from DinarPAY if I deactivate my account? 

Wallet account details will remain in the server for a period of time after an account is deactivated for legal reasons. 

6. What should I do if I need a copy of all my transaction statements? 

DinarPAY will keep your last three months of wallet account ledger statements online in your account. If you require statements that are more than three months old, you need to go to a DinarPAY office and you can get a copy of your older statements for a small fee. 

7. How do I change my password? 

You can change your password directly from the web, under login credentials page. Or you can login to your mobile application and request to change password from settings. 

5. Technical Support Troubleshooting? 

1.What should I do if I forget my unique reference number? 

You can login to your account using your password and PIN and change your unique reference number.  

Select “Menu” – Select “Settings” – Select “Account Details”. 

2. Why is my promotion still active?  It was supposed to end. 

Did you enter the correct beginning and end dates? 

3. I want to stop or change the status of my promotion. What should I do? 

Contact our customer support agent, give your CORRECT promotion code. The agent can change the status of the promotion at any time. 

4. I want to change my pay-out status from bi-weekly to monthly. What should I do?

Contact our customer support agents who will forward your request to the commercial department. 

5. Why is my “Add Funds Request” rejected or still pending? 

Contact our customer support agent, have your correct “Deposit ID” ready.  The financial team comments and explanation will be shared with you. 

6. What should I do if my mobile number changes? 

You can change your mobile number by logging into your account.  

Select “Menu” – Select “Settings” – Select “Account Details”. 

7. Can I log into my account and manage my transactions, create promotions without customer support? 

You can log onto to your account at any time and manage transactions and promotions using your login credentials. 

8. I am unable to log into my account. 

If you are unable to login or have forgotten your login credentials contact customer support. 

Updated on March 30, 2023

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