Why We Care

We want to give life to an environment where individual differences, experiences and capabilities are valued and are used to contribute in the creation of a secure, convenient and affordable payment solution as well as other financial services. 

DinarPay’s aim is to ease the scuffles that consumers go through while making various types of payments, starting with paying bills and ending with the hassle of purchasing at stores.

Our independent solution is designed with tools that will function within a customized manner depending on user necessity. With just one set of APIs to integrate, our partners get access to QR Payment Link. With this, the merchant users get access to a bouquet of payment options with the additional benefit of choosing their bank, gateway and wallets.

DinarPAY is a trusted friend in your payment experience. We solve the problems you face—inflexibility, inaccessibility, dishonesty, and complexity—by offering completely customized payment solutions to meet the unique needs of every user.

Updated on August 12, 2020

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