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Applicable Payment Modules

When Dinar Financial Services LTD. launched its online payment solution for small businesses, its main goal was to be as flexible and user friendly as possible. Thus, creating more than one payment module was inevitable.

When creating your merchant account, you are able to choose from our 3 payment modules:

Scanning the customer’s QR code-:In this payment module you are able to scan as many QR codes as you’d like while the codes may vary dynamically from one customer to another depending on their payments.

Using your own code to be scanned by the customer-static: In this payment module you can use your static QR code which you’ve set on your front desk, cashier table etc, to be scanned by the customer’s device directly. This payment module allows you to place the static code wherever you’d like whenever you want.

Generating a new code to be scanned by the customer- dynamic: In this payment module the merchant is benefiting from ability to generate new customized QR codes per purchases. Thus, it allows the merchant to punch in the amount to be paid, and then generating the code to be scanned by the customer.

After choosing any of the payment modules, DinarPAY is giving our merchants the benefit of generating a payment slip after every transaction.

Updated on August 12, 2020

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