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Commission and other charges details

While there’s only one way to ensure that our partners, merchants, and customers rights are upheld, DinarPAY has implemented  four initial agreements to support its services.

The first being the Interface Agreement customized for our partner banks. To learn more about the terms and conditions of this agreement, please visit Our Partners page.

Moreover, we’ve implemented customized agreements for our users and customers where they can make their transactions. This agreement is to be agreed on upon downloading our DinarPAY application, where after signing up, our customers can view and read the terms and conditions page easily through their application.

Finally, when it comes to our merchants, DinarPAY has implemented two agreements. 

Service Agreement-standard: Small merchants who’d like to use our application in both Web and Mobile to make their transactions and sales, are advised to choose this agreement.

Payment Gateway Service Agreement: Bigger Merchants specifically E-commerce companies who’d like to use DinarPay as a payment gateway for their services are advised to use this agreement. This agreement gives the merchant the option of capturing their payments through I-Frames instead of the regular QR codes as payment strategies.

When it comes to commissions and other applicable charges, DinarPAY has issued changeable and customized charges and commissions upon every scenario and depending on every merchant’s agreement with our partner banks.

to learn more about our commission and charges policies please visit our website or contact us via:


Updated on August 12, 2020

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