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What is a QR code and Why choose to activate it?

While other merchants are still struggling in managing their invoices and payments every month manually, DinaPAY has implemented the feature that allows your customers who’ve registered to pay using multiple modules to scan your unique QR code which has been customized to your use only.

QR codes are two-dimensional quick response codes that are tailored to every single one of our merchants. These codes can be used for anything and everything when it comes to making instant payments, there’s nothing faster and simpler.

Whether you are a coffee shop, a restaurant or any retail store, by choosing to register at DinarPAY using a QR code payment solution, you are maximizing your exposure to your customers. Hence, when a client scans the code with their device, it saves them the effort and time of making a regular payment. And thus, achieving a better customer experience.

Updated on March 30, 2023

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